Recent Bungie e-mails and storage space indicators at online retail stores seem to be confirming that Shadowkeep's download size will be 165GB. This number is consistent across all platforms (Xbox, PS4 and PC) which makes us suspicious, and Bungie hasn't commented yet, but even so that number is huge. Console players without some sort of external HDD better start figuring out what content they are ok deleting to create space.

Also, if you're still in the process of upgrading your 'Renewed' Solstice Armor to 'Renewed Majestic' and happen to be grinding away at that renewed Solstice Cloak 'defeat 100 mini-bosses' task, here's a quick reminder. This week Bungie is dropping the number of mini-bosses kills to 50 mini-bosses. So if you've already defeated 50 mini-bosses, stop, it will auto-complete when the change takes effect.