Bounties have forever been integral to preparing for Destiny 2 expansions, but with changes on the way when Beyond Light launches, there’s some you should definitely hold onto, and some you should definitely avoid.

Destiny 2 players will know that the lead up to an expansion launch is always extremely stressful and maddening for Guardians. Scrambling around to turn in any final activities from the current season along with preparing for new content can be a hard objective for any player. Power levelling however is something that we can help you with.

What’s more, Beyond Light has made preparing for a new expansion even more difficult. Areas of the game have been moved into the Destiny Content Vault, with many activities and bounties that were available to players no longer being accessible.

The Season of the Hunt brings changes to the bounty system.

Beyond Light bounty changes

In the run up to the Beyond Light launch, Bungie addressed concerns about bounties and clarified how they can still be used by Guardians while preparing for the new expansion and Season 13.

“Most of your bounties will stay intact, but any bounties tied to specific Seasonal activities or content entering the DCV will be removed on November 10,” Bungie stated. “Any bounties that grant progression towards Infamy/Valor may negatively impact your powerful rewards, as they will be limited to Season of Arrivals Power Levels.”

Bungie clarified that “Challenge Mode” will be active for those taking part in the raid race for Beyond Light, which is set to start with the release of the new Deep Stone Crypt raid on November 21 at 10 AM (PST).

Upon completion of bounties your seasonal artifact will level up but won’t give your power a boost for the Raid Race on November 21.

In layman’s, this means that for the initial 24 hours after the instance has gone live, Guardian power will be capped 20 levels below the recommended number for each raid encounter. Completing bounties during the starting phase of Season 13 will assist you in levelling up your artifact, but still won’t boost your power level beyond the 20-level cap.

What bounties to keep for Beyond Light

What we’ve looked at is Bungie’s comments on what bounties to keep when preparing for Beyond Light, and that’s given us a great idea of what players should avoid based on what content will be removed.

Below are lists of all the bounties you can ignore, followed by everything you should keep if you are planning to use bounties to prepare for Beyond Light:

Avoid bounties tied to the following:

Destinations: Mercury, Mars, Titan, Io, The Farm, The Leviathan

Vendors: Ada-1, Benedict-66, Werner 99-40, Ana Bray, Sloane, Asher Mir, Brother Vance, the Visage of Calus

Crucible or Gambit/Gambit Prime (Shaxx and the Drifter)

Hold onto bounties tied to the following:

Destinations: EDZ, Nessus, Tangled Shore, Dreaming City, Moon (Lectern)

Vanguard (Zavala)

Gunsmith (Banshee-44)

Vendors: Eris Morn

Players should avoid bounties that will be removed in Beyond Light.

Final prep for Beyond Light

While bounties have always been such a large part in getting started for new Destiny 2 content, Bungie appears to be pivoting away from it moving forward.

“One of the plans we previewed was to eventually replace weekly bounties with a new mechanism to provide players with a set of non-expiring and account-scoped objectives each week that will grant lots of Season rank progress,” the developer said recently. “We’re still working on that system and will share more on it before its targeted release of Season 13.”

So as it stands, use the bounties above to prepare as much as you can for Beyond Light and stay alert for any updates from Bungie for any breaking news before November 10.