Destiny veterans will find Europa all too familiar, but often even the most experienced need a re-cap, and there are plenty of secrets to uncover, and some brand-new Lost Sectors to explore.

While Lost Sectors are pretty difficult to find and complete the rewards you get are usually well worth the trouble, from fairly decent weapon drops to even some special gear.

In this guide, we’ll break down where to locate the Perdition Lost Sector on Europa. The sector will be one of the first Lost Sectors Guardians will stumble across naturally, so here’s what you need to keep an eye out for.

When you’re up and about and able to free roam around Europa you’ll want to set off towards Cadmus Ridge. Perdition is located in the Northeast of this area, which is shown conveniently on the map below.

Head to the area on the map and it should be quite easy to find once you’re there. Run through the ice cave to the right, enter a large yellow doorway and you’re golden.

While the foes you’ll encounter aren’t too difficult, you’ll definitely want to bring with you a decent heavy weapon for the tougher enemies and something with a swift reload speed like Riskrunner, to deal with adds.

What you’ll find inside is a Splinter of Darkness chest with a few Exos, so remind yourself to come back here to open it if you haven’t yet unlocked the Stasis subclass.

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