Stay tuned for how to climb to the power level hard cap in Destiny 2.

Beyond light will be adding a tonne of new content for all us Guardians to enjoy and it’ll also come with a boosted Power Level cap too.

If like everyone else you’re curious what that illusive number is all about? Lucky you, we’ve got this guide that’s perfect for you, and includes some CarrySquad fan favourite services.

Destiny 2 Power Level Guide

Old-school veterans will know that Power Level used to be known as Light Level in the first game, with Peter Dinklage providing a less than stellar performance as Ghost, but Power Level works in the same way, a way to gate content in Destiny 2.

In shorter terms, your guardian’s Power Level determines the damage you deal and what you can be dealt, meaning you can play far more difficult strikes, trials and Raids.

It’s calculated from taking an average of all your currently equipped gear and using that number as your Power Level. This means using the following:

  • Primary weapon
  • Secondary weapon
  • Heavy weapon
  • Head armour
  • Arm armour
  • Torso armour
  • Leg armour
  • Class item

For extra points you can boost it with your Seasonal Artefact if you’re just that cool, alternatively have us help you boost your level with CarrySquad’s Power Levelling service.

Soft caps and hard caps

D2 offers what can be known as a “soft power level cap” and a “hard power level cap”.

The “soft cap” is the underwhelming number of 1,050. Which might sound high to some but considering every player starts at 750, it’s not that high at all. Kitting yourself out with Legendary gear will set you at 1000, but then you’ll need the “Powerful” gear.

This type of special gear can be obtained by completing the following:

  • Earning Tower Vendor Engrams in Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard or for the Gunsmith
  • Complete Nightfall strikes three times
  • Get Clan Engrams
  • Complete the Flashpoint
  • Nightmare Hunts
  • Trials of Osiris (3 or 5 wins)
  • Weekly Story Mission

If you’re after a specific piece of gear however, you can check out our catalogue here and pick whatever your heart desires!

If you want to be part of the elusive group that hit the “hard cap” of 1060 then you’ll need to obtain Pinnacle gear.

These are obviously a little trickier to obtain, but you’ll need to do the following to get it:

  • Complete dungeons
  • 7 Trials of Osiris Wins
  • Score 100k points in a Nightfall: The Ordeal strike
  • Complete the Garden of Salvation raid
  • Complete Iron Banner bounties
  • Nightmare Hunts (Master difficulty)
  • Weekly activity playlists (Crucible, Strike and Gambit)

With each expansion throwing the Destiny 2 Power Level up and up it’s only right that we’re here to guide you through and get you to where you deserve to be.

Stay tuned to CarrySquad for more Destiny 2 content.