Beyond Light is almost upon us and if you’re looking for the best gear possible before it launches then here are the five most important weapons to add to your to-get list.

Beyond Light launches on November 10, with it countless Guardians around the world will be itching to make as good a start as possible with preparations such as top level gear and weapons. If you’re levelling up a new Guardian or just trying to fill out your list of Exotics before content is locked away in the vault, there’s plenty of things to achieve before Beyond Light launches, and this article will help you do just that.

As with all Destiny 2 expansions Beyond Light brings all-new threats and you’ll need all the right weapons for each scenario. Below is a quick overview of five imperative weapons you should obtain before the next expansion begins.

Falling Guillotine

The Falling Guillotine features first on our list because it is capable of some extreme damage if you land consistent hits in a row.

If you’re a current season veteran you’ll be very familiar with this weapon, it’s a Legendary Sword that absolutely destroys in PvE content.

It’s definitely one of the best weapons to use against those tank-like enemies while still being versatile enough to wipe out wave after wave of smaller enemies too.

To obtain this, you’ll need to hit rank 30 in the current season pass to unlock the base version, however, if you manage to fill out the season pass to rank 45 you will then be able to grind this beauty for custom rolls instead. This one is definitely worth grinding the hours for if you haven’t already.

Gnawing Hunger

Next up is one of the most deadly PvP in the game currently. The Gnawing Hunger Legendary is a tremendous Auto Rifle that you absolutely cannot pass up.

While we may be seeing some heavy nerfs in the near future, the Gnawing Hunger is ahead of the curve currently and dominating in the PvP meta.

It can be obtained as a random drop at any point in time, although it’s possible to also hone in on it. You’re going to need some Umbral Engrams and there is even a curated roll that can be found in Reckoning.

If you’re a trait kind of Guardian then Zen Moment and Kill Clip are going to compliment your build perfectly when it comes to PvE, and Arrowhead Break and Steady Rounds will see you through in PvP.

Outbreak Perfected

If you’re a Destiny veteran then Outbreak weapons will be all too familiar to you, and the Perfected Pulse Rifle is an absolute must-have for Beyond Light.

If you need a gun that will be consistent for every single build, then the Outbreak Perfected is the right gun for you. It’s an Exotic, and while you’ll no doubt need a variety of different guns for different loadouts, the one that will be able to fit in every single one is this one.

It’s one of the strongest Pulse Rifles out there, but it’s certainly not one of the simplest to obtain. First, you’ll need to drop into Titan and find the Fallen Transponder, then, you’ll need to clear six different Lost Sectors.

Once you’ve done all that, head over to the Farm and start your Zero Hour mission. It’s one of the challenging PvE event if you’ve never done it before, so if you can bring a full fireteam with you you’ll fare considerably better.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time, or can’t get a fireteam, CarrySquad can give you the weapon here.

Standard foes are no match for this weapon, and as a bonus nearby enemies will get hit by nanite swarms. It’s perfect for clearing areas, sniping foes, and a great all-rounder for Beyond Light.

Whisper of the Worm

Ah, that old chestnut.

Whisper is a classic, and one of the most popular Exotics ever to be introduced to Destiny 2.

It’s one of the best snipers in the game and has been consistently since it’s arrival. The unique gun comes with one of the most useful effects too, landing rapid precision shots refills your magazine so you can keep firing over and over.

It’s a must have for long-range boss fights and allows your team to sit at a safe distance while slowly but surely chipping away at a large health pool. Upsettingly, you can’t get this gun alone, and the mission you need to complete is so long you probably won’t be able to complete it if you’re too busy with work. Thankfully, CarrySquad has your back and you can get it here.

You’ll need to round up a team and head to Lost Oasis landing zone, while keeping an eye out for a Taken Blight public event. Then, you’ll need to complete one of the lengthiest missions in Destiny 2, but with the correct outlook, it can be smashed out in your next session, it’s 100% worth putting the effort in to get this badboy before Beyond Light drops.


Our list would never be complete if we didn’t have one of the most deadly heavy weapons in Destiny history.

The Anarchy is an absolute monster in PvE and has been a fan favourite since the Scourge of the Past raid launched in 2018. It demolishes bosses as fast as literally anything in the game. Therefore, logically, it’s sure to come in useful as you grind through Beyond Light’s initial content.

This demon has six grenades in the magazine, all of which launch Arc Traps that chain damage across any given surface, meaning you can spam them fairly quickly to deal more damage than anything in the game. As a bonus, as it’s an Exotic you’ll be doing more damage than similar Legendary weapons

This is absolutely a weapon you can’t afford to miss out on, and your fireteam will adore you for bringing it along, you can get it here with CarrySquad to ensure you’re the leader on the team.