Bungie brought Shadowkeep to PAX West over the weekend and let some lucky fans try out the new 3v3 PvP Elimination game mode, which sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks to those fans we also got to hear a bit more about some of the Exotic Weapons we're hopefully going to be getting our hands on in October.

  • The Exotic Rocket Launcher we caught a glimpse of at Gamescom with the Void orbs is called Deathbringer, and its Intrinsic Perk is Dark Deliverance: Fires remotely detonated projectiles that drop Void orbs on enemies, hold LMB to fire, release to detonate. It has a second Perk called Dark Descent.
  • An unnamed Exotic Machinegun with the Perk Pyrotoxin Rounds: Fires high-powered explosive ammunition. Its second Perk was Rangefinder which is no fun at all.
  • A Raid Exotic Trace Rifle named Divinity with the Perk Judgement: Sustained damage with this weapon envelopes the target in a field that weakens and disrupts them. It has a second Perk called Penance.

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