Bungie's blog post was focused on Destiny 2 rewards, including confirmation that the next raid will feature a lot for players to collect.

Destiny 2 Guardians Waiting For Year 4

Most Destiny 2 players expected it, but this week Bungie confirmed that there is a new raid on the way to its first-person shooter. While the studio did not say when players can expect to see the new endgame content, it’s most likely that the new raid will arrive with the Year 4 expansion this fall.

In this week’s Bungie post, the studio discussed rewards in Destiny 2 and how it plans to make the experience of completing activities better. First and foremost, Bungie plans to give a lot of the game’s activities (strikes, crucible, etc.) new armor and accessories to chase. Since the launch of Shadowkeep, the daily rituals have offered mostly the same rewards, with the new seasonal activities serving as the main source of collecting something new. For Year 4, the plan is to put a lot more into the game’s many facets so that players feel like their time is honored and there is something to chase.

Alongside the strike and crucible rewards, Bungie promised that there would be new armor, weapons, and exotic accessories for players to collect from the new raid. Raids in Destiny 2 typically add new armor and weapons, but they haven’t always had exotic accessories like ships and ghost shells to collect. On top of that, the armor in the latest raid, Garden of Salvation, was a slightly modified version of the armor offered with the Curse of Osiris DLC.

Fans caught wind that the raid armor might be a reskin when an early demo of Shadowkeep unlocked some raid items. Players saw some similarities between the raid armor and the Curse of Osiris armor and Bungie even confirmed that there was no mistake. What players were seeing was the raid armor.

Destiny 2 Guardian of Salvation

Speaking of Garden of Salvation, it will have been a full year (maybe even longer depending on delays) since Destiny 2 has launched a new raid. In the past, the game has had a regular cadence of raid launches to keep players satisfied throughout a given year. But now that Bungie has split from Activision and all development duties rest with the studio, players can’t expect the same breadth of content. Bungie even made sure that players knew not to expect any more raids in Year 3.

Now that Year 4 of Destiny 2 is nearing, however, the raid excitement is back, and Bungie has confirmed that one is on the way. The developer was careful not to give away any spoilers, but it sounds like there will be more to collect from the endgame content then just new weapons and armor.

Source/Credit: Gamerant by Anthony Taormina