Bungie's Thursday blog post teased us with the mysterious Empyrean Foundation event. It’s been on the Destiny 2 calendar all season, but there were previously no details about the event itself. If the data mines are accurate, the completion of the Empyrean Foundation will enable the beloved Trials of Osiris PvP mode next season.

The Empyrean Foundation is apparently a rebuilding effort. It isn’t clear what players are rebuilding, yet the data mine suggests it’s the Lighthouse on Mercury. At the start of the event, Saint-14 asks players to donate their Polarized Fractaline — Season of the Dawn’s primary currency — to the Obelisk in the Tower in groups of 100.

But, Bungie made it clear players don’t need to sacrifice their precious Polarized Fractaline for nothing. Each time players contribute, they will gain 25% worth of progress toward any Timelost weapon bounties in their inventory. For players still looking to pick up some great weapon rolls this season and help the community, the Empyrean Foundation can help with both.

Players can farm Polarized Fractaline from current Destiny 2 activities; an additional source will be added in this event. Each week, the Tower Obelisk will generate a package of Polarized Fractaline based on its Resonance Power — which players upgrade by leveling up the other Obelisks around the world. There’s a special Triumph and emblem for players that donate 5,000 or more Polarized Fractaline to the Empyrean Foundation during the event.

As a community, players need to spend a lot of Polarized Fractaline to finish the project. Bungie has only revealed the numbers for three out of seven stages of the Empyrean Foundation:

  1. 400,000,000
  2. 700,000,000
  3. 1,200,000,000

Once players complete all seven donations, the entire community will receive a new Shader and emblem.

It’s unclear how long the Empyrean Foundation event will last for. But with weekly Fractaline packages from the Tower Obelisk and over one billion Fractaline needed per stage, it seems likely the event will last until the end of Season of the Dawn on March 10.

Source: Polygon | Ryan Gilliam | January 31, 2020