Lots going on in this week's update. There's a new Exotic Weapon Quest, a new Shattered Throne-style Dungeon, a new Crucible Mode (Momentum) and it's Halloween, which means it's Festival of the Lost time again!  So let's dive right in.

Festival of the Lost 2019


It's that time of year to don your silly masks and grind the Haunted Forest (a gloomy, modified mini-Infinite Forest) to earn Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins to purchase festive rewards. There's themed masks and a Braytech Werewolf Autorifle on offer for those who collect all five of the Festival of the Lost 2019 masks, but perhaps equally enticing is Pinnacle Gear for those Fireteams who can clear 9 branches of the forest in a single run.

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New Dungeon: Pit of Heresy


A new dungeon is available on the Moon, similar in nature to The Shattered Throne. Consult Eris Morn at Sanctuary to get started. First clearance will reward players with a Masterworked piece of Pinnacle Gear.


There's also some new Hive-infused weapons to be on the lookout for while grinding the dungeon.

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Exotic Solar Machinegun 'Xenophage' Weapon Quest


Hot on the heels of Edgewise here's another Solar Heavy Machinegun to add to your collection.

Complete Xenophage Quest Guide >

Players that have got their hands on Xenophage have been a little underwhelmed so far (the weapon cannot crit!) though apparently, Bungie have confirmed they are aware the weapon is underperforming and are preparing a fix.

New Crucible Mode: Momentum

Momentum is essentially Control mode gone crazy. Control points capture much quicker, you get more points for kills while holding Control points, and Guardians respawn *instantly* upon death. It's hectic to say the least. Here are some pointers.

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Weekly Reset (10/29/19)

Your Weekly Reset Inforgraphic courtesey Discord user

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