I'm betting almost all of you already have Forsaken, and probably the Year 2 Annual  Pass as well. But if you're missing anything, or just want to ensure sure every platform you play Destiny 2 on is Shadowkeep ready, Bungie has dropped the price of the Forsaken Complete Collection to $24.99.

That's all of Destiny 2, now including the Y2 Annual Pass. If you already have Forsaken but not the Y2 Annual Pass, the Pass becomes free on September 17th. Already bought Forsaken and the Y2 Annual Pass? You get... nothing! You didn't know it, but when you bought the pass you were actually paying for early access. Suckers! But seriously, with the Annual Pass going away in Y3 this actually makes sense. Now when anybody buys Forsaken in the future, they'll gain access to the entirety of the expansion.

Speaking of which, anybody planning on diving into Destiny 2 for the first time with New Light might also want to consider shelling out for Forsaken. Remember Forsaken does not come free with New Light. I think this might be a permenant price reduction for Forsaken and all Y2 content, but still. I find it highly unlikely players will complete Curse of Osiris and Warmind and think to themselves: Well, that scratches that itch, no more Destiny 2 for me!

Finally, if you have a friend that shares at least one platform with you, buying them a copy is a great way of erasing that last excuse they have for not giving cross-save a try.

If you want to get Forsaken Complete for cheap, go here >