Further Apex Legends Leaks Reveal More About Season 15

A series of leaks for Respawn’s Apex Legends reveal Catalyst’s abilities, more about Crypto’s past, and potential tutorial changes

Further Apex Legends Leaks Reveal More About Season 15

It looks like it’s that time again. Well, we all know how this goes by now. Another leak about Apex’s future that perfectly lines up with the previous season-spanning leak from March. All of the abilities of the next season’s legend are lined up in a row for everyone to peruse. We all wonder to ourselves if Respawn just dislikes the term Security or if this is a guerilla marketing ploy, and then wait for the next leak to happen, which it always does. And this time is no exception, but an expansion, as we’re tackling not one, not two, but three subsequent leaks.

The leaked tutorial introduction for Apex

Let’s start at the beginning with the tutorial. The fanbase has been asking for a rework of the basic AI shooting range for almost as long as it’s been the tutorial, and if this leak is true, Respawn has heard the fans' requests. A video seemingly voiced by Mirage’s actor, Roger Craig Smith, was released on youtube and has Mirage explain just how battle royales work, as well as giving some tips for beginners and how they can keep themselves alive, or go right into the fray, before segueing into an introduction to Bloodhound, indicating that the new tutorial will still incorporate parts of the original.

Meanwhile, on the lore side of things, a leaked screenshot shows Mila, Tae Joon’s adopted sister, talking to Wattson, making her promise to not talk to Crypto about whatever they discussed. The import of that should not go unnoticed, as the two claim to have no secrets between them. The leak indicates that Mila might be taking more of a spotlight as the seasons go on. Though any specifics would be pure speculation at this point, fans of the story side of Apex are sure to pay rapt attention to those three as the story develops

Last but certainly not least, the kit for the Season 15 Legend, Catalyst, has been revealed, and it’s certainly a change of pace from other legends. Her kit revolves around the construction and reinforcement of ramps, platforms, and towers. Her passive, Reinforce, does just what it says on the tin. When Catalyst is near a door or legend construction such as Newcastle’s wall or her own ramps, the strength of the structure is increased, allowing them to take more damage. Her tactical, Ferro Shot, allows her to make up to three platforms/ramps at a time. Making additional ramps will destroy the oldest one still standing. These platforms can be stacked up on each other, or placed on various surfaces, allowing for an incredible amount of positioning, climbing to usually unreachable spots. Finally, her ultimate is Iron Tower, no guesses for figuring out what it does. A truly giant tower spawns right under Catalyst’s feet, making it perfect for an impromptu sniper perch or lookout tower. With a kit so focused on positioning and gaining the high ground, Catalyst is sure to be a favorite amongst the snipers and explorers in Apex’s fan base.

The leaked screenshot of Mila and Wattson's conversation

And that is all of the current leaked information from Apex. As is to be expected, we should take every leak with at least a small grain of salt, as things can easily change before Season 15 is released. But, with that said, it’s still quite exciting to see what’s in store, and it’s never too early to prepare for what’s to come. See you next time Legends.