Further Apex Legends Leaks Reveal More About the Upcoming Season

After two more leaks, a lot of secrets for Apex Legends season 14 are revealed

Further Apex Legends Leaks Reveal More About the Upcoming Season

The Multi-season leak shows no sign of stopping, to the point that some players are starting to think they’re just part of Respawn’s marketing at this point. Further lining up with the original leak reported on, a new Legend has been fully leaked, along with a full list of potential abilities. In addition to this, a game changing new possible item has also been leaked. Both of these leaks were right on the heels of Patch 1.97, which was mainly focused on minor tweaks and fixes.

One of the original leaked images showing Vantage

The new leaked Legend this time around is called Vantage. And while of course nothing has yet been officially confirmed, the majority of the information leaked was supported by Newcastle’s release. Vantage seems to be a sniper and survival specialist. As per the previous leak, their passive ability is called Sniper kit. This handy little ability would let Vantage aim down their scope to see tactical information such as the range of their target, what shield and Legend they have, and even how large their team is. Their tactical, Echo launch, allows them to send out and control a small drone called Echo. Finally, their Ultimate is called Mark to Kill. Mark to Kill scans enemies and highlights enemies for Vantage and her squad. Successive shots Vantage takes gain double damage, meanwhile the rest of Vantage’s team get a 15% bonus on marked targets.

Is the Remote Banner Recovery meant as a tweak to Ranked play?

The other leaked news for Apex is a new item called Remote Banner Recovery. This item seems to expedite the process of reviving a team mate. Typically banners can only be retrieved after opening the loot box of the downed player, but this item would let it the banner come right to you. This would have a lot of implications on gameplay, as reviving players would be less of a gamble, letting downed players get back into the fight instead of leaving the match or watching their team leave their corpse behind. It would also reduce the effectiveness of camping around enemy loot boxes, as the team wouldn’t need to get to it to revive the team mate. As the main bulk of Apex’s Ranked changes have been around the theme of teamwork, this new item may be in development to help mitigate some of the criticisms of the recent changes while still staying in the spirit of teamwork and collaboration that instigated the changes in the first place.