The highly anticipated Deep Stone Crypt Raid launches today, and we thought what better way to prepare for such a feat than to read an article detailing how you can make your experience just that little bit easier, here’s some pointers on how to get ready for the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

If you know you won’t be able to pull it off when you want to or want to impress your friends and get those bragging rights, you can pre-order the Raid completion here.

What We Know

There haven’t been too many details revealed about the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, but what we do know is that the Crypt is likely to be the birthplace of the Exos and probably located on Europa.

We know that it officially goes live at 1PM EST on Saturday, or 10AM PST for you West coasters.

Contest Mode

Players power level will be capped at 20 power below each encounter for 24 hours in Contest Mode, and all Artifact Power will be disabled.

We know that your fireteams power cap goal is going to top out at 1230 for all encounters, and that means being above 1230 isn’t going to give you any extra damage in the final fight.

World First

After some epic cosmetic gear to show just how badass you are? Well you’re in luck.

If you’re just lucky enough, you and your mates will be the first six Guardians to complete the raid and will be announced “World First”, doing so will net you raid World First title belts. Important to note, you must loot the final chest before you get back into orbit or your hard-earned victory might not properly register.

Don’t worry though, any potential cheaters will be disqualified as Bungie sifts through the completed raids to announce the victor on Twitter.

If you’re not one of the fast ones, or you’re too busy with work then don’t worry, you will get something too. Players who knock out the Raid by November 22 at 1PM EST will get themselves an exclusive emblem, and Players who do so by December 1 1PM EST will be rewarded with a Deep Stone Crypt Raid Jacket available for purchase. Though you will need to claim these before the end of the year.

How To Prepare

Now here comes the fun part, how are you going to prepare?

First things first, you’re going to need a full team that is ready to take the raid on, that means gathering up your mates, or even looking online for keen players who need some back up. You’ll want to make sure that each of you has reached 1230 and has the correct loadout, and be sure to bring along one Titan, Warlock, and Hunter.

We know that it’s traditional for Destiny Raids to have insanely tough bosses, especially when it’s a new one and we have no idea how to beat it efficiently. The good news is their downfall is usually centred around some puzzle of some sort and teamwork, so as long as you’re all communicating effectively you should be able to nail it.

Bring Your Best Gear

Now, while I know it might be difficult to take your favourite pieces off, but Destiny veterans will know that when you head into a raid it doesn’t matter what your favourite is, what matters is how high the level is. This means that you should grab your highest level, upgrade it, and add on perks. You’ll want to look out for perks that focus on recovery and resilience, basically anything that helps you stay alive.

With the best gear equipped it’s only natural for you to also bring the best weapons, and as it’s a brand new raid and we really are none the wiser about what you should expect, it’s a wise decision to bring a plethora of different weapons for different scenarios. So, you’ll definitely need one that can take our multiple enemies at once, one for long range, and one that’s universally consistent. Whisper of the Worm Sniper Rifle is our top pick for this.

The one major tip though is take weapons you’ve used before and know won’t let you down when it really matters, the worst thing you can do on the launch of a new raid is take brand new weapons you don’t know how will perform.