Everything we know so far about Apex Legend’s newest playable character.

Apex Legends is gearing up to release a new legend into the game very soon, going by the name Loba. While she may be coming to the game for the first time in a matter of weeks, we saw her for the first time during Revenant’s reveal trailer. From her origins to her gameplay, here is everything we know about Loba so far.

Everything we know about Loba in Apex Legends


Loba (or her real name Rosie) is the daughter of Marcos Andrade, Revenant’s target in the cinematic. He killed both him and her mother, but Loba was able to escape. The video ends with the little girl menacingly glaring over her father’s dead body and sets out with a life goal to take down the “immortal robot” that took her family from her. Before his death, Andrade gave his daughter a trinket of a wolf. Since “loba” means female wolf in Spanish, it is easy to see where she got her codename from.

Now that Loba has grown, she is still trying to find a way to take down Revenant. When she was a child, her family was rich, and she lived in a high skyscraper looking over a city with security. They were thieves and con artists who gained their wealth through illegitimate means. Without her parents, she has taken up the life of a thief. That kind of lifestyle will (reportedly) play into her in-game mechanics.

In a recent tweet, Respawn is hinting at her joining the fight and still searching for a way to access his source code. According to the tweet, Revenant, who is hunting down Hammond Robotics employees who made him the way he is, is slowly taking people out left and right and they are discussing dumping him into the Apex Legends competition to keep him distracted.

This Thursday, April 30, at 10am PT, Apex Legend’s YouTube channel is releasing a new “Stories from the Outlands” video titled “Legacy of a Thief,” which should go further into her background. We will link the video below and update this article with any relevant information.


While Loba’s abilities and gameplay have not been officially revealed, dataminers have leaked out what she will be capable of. Take all of this with a grain of salt, as things might have changed, so if when she is announced and things are different, this article will be updated.

Living the life of a thief, Loba is attracted to the loot scattered around in a game of Apex Legends. One of her abilities is called Supply for Demand and allows her to choose a type of loot and reveal all matching loot through walls. The categories are weapons, armor, health and shields, attachments, ammo and ordinance, and backpacks. It is unknown if this will be revealed only to her, or if to teammates as well.

Her passive ability is called Eye for Quality and lets her see loot through walls as well as open a compartment on loot boxes for more loot (similar to Lifeline’s newest passive ability on blue loot bins).

Loba also has a translocating disc that she can throw and teleport to. While it was not pointed out, it is likely enemies will be able to destroy the disc.

Finally, what is speculated to be her ultimate is another gadget. She sets the gadget down, and it will gather loot. She can return to it at any time and retrieve what the gadget had grabbed. Again, it was not explicitly pointed out, but you would imagine enemies can destroy it to grab whatever is collected.

As I said at the beginning of this entry, be wary of this datamined information. Respawn has played games with fans in the past with Forge being announced as the next legend only for Revenant to kill him and take his spot.

Credit: GAMEPUR by John Hansen