Items from The Last Resort apparel event are now available to purchase

In recent days The Division 2 servers on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One were down for maintenance and developer Massive Entertainment rolled out a new update that calls quits to the Last Resort event, the full patch notes are brought to you by CarrySquad.

The Last Resort Event was a limited-time event that consisted of 29 pieces of unlockable apparel such as trousers and shirts for The Division 2 players. Those who owned the Warlords of New York expansion pack and had completed the New York campaign were the only ones it was available to. This developer update brings an end to the event but means that all those cosmetics are now only purchasable with premium credits.

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The rarest drops right now seem to be some of the hardest to grind for too, so with the Last Resort ending your chances of getting even more loot, purchase the Foundry Bulwark Gear Set here to enhance your gaming experience instead.

What’s more is that the update came with much needed gameplay fixes to suicide drones that would not target player skills and Delta-01 errors when loading specific characters.

To conclude, the patch makes the Legacy cache available with a rotating selection of apparel.

Full The Division 2 Patch Notes:

Fixed an issue where players received a Delta-01 error when loading certain characters.

Fixed an issue causing suicide drones to not target player skills.

Last Resort apparel event is now closed and will no longer be available.

Last Resort apparel items are available for purchase with Premium Credits.

The Legacy cache will become available with a rotating selection of apparel.

In a different update the time-to-kill in PvP was decreased and it gave players a much better chance of targeted loot being dropped. Title Update 11 also revamps The Summit, a fan favourite mode that challenges players with ascending to the top of a 100-story Manhattan skyscraper.

Next Gen

The good news is The Division 2 will be available on Xbox Series S / Series X and PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility but there will not be a dedicated next-gen port. You will however be able to play with your mates on different gen consoles as backwards compatibility will allow next-gen and current-gen consoles to play together thanks to cross-gen support.