Not much is really known about Overwatch 2 as of yet, but everything we do know is for you to read below, and what to expect coming soon.

Release date

So when will Overwatch 2 be released? Many fans are asking the question and we haven’t really heard anything since the announcement was made at BlizzCon last year. Especially with Cyberpunk’s release date fiasco, it’s not surprising we haven’t had anything officially set in stone from Blizzard.

Having said that, there has been some leaks recently, specifically from streamer “Metro” who has circulated theories that point towards an early 2021 release date.

Blizzard announced that Overwatch 2 was in development fairly early in the grand scheme of things, likely because they wanted to show intent for another game and show they weren’t stagnant in their franchise. It’s really unclear though when the player base of Overwatch, which still maintains 10 million active monthly users, will be able to actually play this new game.

Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch 2 Game Director Jeff Kaplan hinted there was no real estimated time for a release date, nor was there a window of time that it might fall in, there was no season he thought it would suit. He did say however that more information regarding the game will be revealed at BlizzCon 2021, now called BlizzConline due to Covid. Chances are, if the game is indeed releasing next year than long time players and fans are going to find out then.

It definitely didn’t look good though for Kaplan to state that Overwatch 2 doesn’t have a schedule for release or that he has no idea when it would even be suited to release it, he didn’t even really have a sense of when he could discuss some game development updates.

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Confirmed details

What’s important is that Overwatch 2 does not mean that Overwatch will die out. The game has become arguably the largest eSport in the world, with worldwide fans on both sides of the planet and a dedicated player base. We know that both games will work together so any potential progress a player has made in the original game will transfer seamlessly to the sequel, which includes progress, skins, etc. So if you want to make sure you start off the sequel with all your favourite skins and cosmetics, purchase some loot boxes with CarrySquad and you’ll be all set.

We know that Echo will feature in Overwatch 2, she mainly featured in the trailer for the game and probably will partner with Pharrah as the only airborne heroes. We also know that Kaplan officially confirmed the first ever black female hero, called Sojourn, will be playable in Overwatch 2. Disappointingly though the old classic heroes will only receive some updated graphics and shiny new armours.

It’s confirmed that maps will be considerably larger in Overwatch 2 and the fabled TED engine will open the gates for Blizzard to add more interactive pieces throughout, those include animations, sounds, scripts, level crafting, and more. The locations of the four new maps that have been confirmed are Toronto, Canada; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Gothenburg, Sweden; and Monte Carlo, Monaco.


It looks like at present that any rumours of the release will likely remain as such until at least February next year, but if streamer Metro's word is to be trusted, which it often is, then expect some juicy information about Overwatch 2 in Q1 of 2021.

Stubborn Blizzard has been consistent in not giving away any additional information, though with the Xbox Series X and PS5 coming out close to Metro's predicted release window, it paves the way for Blizzard to capitalise on the hype.