Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost is just a few days away, and with it, we will see both the return of the Haunted Forest, but also two past Festival weapons, Horror Story and the Braytech Werewolf.

And yet, before that happens, there’s something you should do right now. Thanks to the advice of Senntis on Twitter, you should be pulling the current curated rolls of Horror Story and Braytech out of your collections right now before the event launches next week.

Horror Story in Destiny 2 | Bungie

Why? Because they are the rather decent Zen Moment/Rampage rolls on both there, but past that, they are now tagged as “Season of Arrivals” weapons, meaning their power level is 1360, not capped at 1060 like before.

Also they are A) masterworked already and B) while yes, both of these will be available next week, there’s a chance that you may not be able to pull this Collections trick again, nor get those exact rolls. The Braytech Werewolf, for instance, could not randomly roll with this exact roll when you were getting alternate versions of it last year. So that may be true again, and now you have 1360 power capped version of it.

Yes, both Auto Rifles are 450 RPM, not exactly the meta archetype for ARs at the moment, but who knows what sandbox changes will bring. And I know at lot of people still enjoy Horror Story to this day in its current form (I was never a huge fan of the Werewolf, personally).

Braytech Werewolf. Bungie

I am at least somewhat sad that there is not a new weapon for Festival of the Lost this year, as it’s not even a new weapon you need, per se, just a reskinned weapon with a spooky new coat of paint and a couple new perks. But even that was too much to ask for I guess, but I honestly had zero expectations for this event anyway, and since I am guessing plans had to change in the wake of the Beyond Light delay on the fly (the Haunted Forest was supposed to be in the Content Vault by now, for one).

As I’ve said before, the armor sets, at the very least, are awesome, and Bungie is also doing something cool this time around where you can earn a mummy-based exotic Ghost, Ship and Sparrow from doing Festival challenges through Eva, rather than having to buy any of them in Eververse, which is pretty unusual, but seems to be more par for the course these days (see the Ghost and Sparrow taken out of Eververse and put in the Prophecy dungeon).

Anyway, it’s entirely possible this collection roll may still be available next week, but if both turn into random roll versions or change perks, maybe not. So good catch by Senntis and I now have two of these for myself just in case.

Credit: Forbes by Paul Tassi