We’re closing out 2019

It’s been quite a year. While Bungie continued to build Destiny 2, they began the journey to publish it as well. Since then, Guardians have mastered the Menagerie in Season of Opulence. We returned to the Moon to reunite with a familiar friend and confront new Nightmares. We repelled a Vex invasion and set off a chain of events that are currently being discovered by Guardians in Season of Dawn. With the passing of each Season, Destiny 2 has evolved.

On top of all that, new Guardians we're welcomed to Destiny 2 to unify the community across all platforms with Cross Save.  We’re celebrating the end of this amazing year with The Dawning, which kicked off last week.

Eva is back with her new Holiday Oven as well as new recipes and treats to deliver across the solar system. Perhaps you’ll even want to gift some to an old nemesis. Be sure to grab some Dawning Bounties; they reward both Bright Dust and Double XP! Check out this introduction to The Dawning for more info on what to expect during the event.

Iron Banner Armor | Bungie

Lord Saladin will hold the first Iron Banner of Season of Dawn

Iron Banner and Valor Bonus

Start: 9 a.m. PDT on December 24; Ends: 9 a.m. PDT on December 31

There will be an Armor 2.0 version of the Iron Truage set available this season. The Seasonal Pursuit to earn this armor will work similar to last Season but we have changed some of the steps and what weapons are required to gain progress.
In case you are just joining us, here is a refresher of how it all works.

  • There is a new Seasonal Pursuit which must be completed prior to being able to turn in tokens to purchase packages from Lord Saladin. * This pursuit is character based and rewards a Season of Dawn armor set. * Each step of the pursuit awards Iron Banner weapons or armor. *Most of the objectives within the pursuit track progress at any point during Season of Dawn, even if you have not yet acquired the pursuit.
  • Until the Seasonal Pursuit has been completed, all rewards will be obtained from completing matches and bounties. * All of the rewards will be weapons until the Seasonal Pursuit has been completed. * There will be seven bounties offering Pinnacle rewards (970 Power Max,) but only four are available per event.

If you were paying close attention to the Season of Dawn calendar you may have noticed an Iron Banner-themed Bow. That image will also show up as director dialogue in the game when Iron Banner starts next week. We were hoping to have the new Iron Banner Bow available this Season, but it had to be pushed to Season 10. Sorry about the delay, but we wanted to call it out to avoid any confusion.

We also made a change to the An Arsenal of Tricks bounty. The ability final blow requirements has been reduced by half.

Put on your most powerful gear and go control those zones!

Credit/Source: Bungie https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/48620