Details for the end of season cleanup. The Season of the Dawn Ends March 10th.

Credit:Bungie | Destiny 2

Season of Dawn ends March 9th, with Season of the Worthy off to a strong start with the return of the Trials of Osiris on March 13th. Assets specific to Season of Dawn will not be available once the seasons change. The Sundial activity and anything associated with it will no longer be available after March 9th. The Sundial Spire location on Mercury, the obelisks across the five destinations, Timelost weapons and bounties, and Polarized Fractaline will also disappear from player's inventory or will no longer be available to collect/visit. The entire Season of Dawn economy and everything related to it will be removed from the game when Season 9 ends on March 10.

Bastion's quest will remain, but the Devil's Ruin exotic quest will be removed from the game with the start of Season of the Worthy. The Season Pass and the Lantern of Osiris artifact will also be retired along with its mods and Power bonus to be replaced with a new artifact for Season 10. The seasonal Title and Seal along with any seasonal Triumphs will also be removed. The full list of activities and items being removed are:

  • Season of Dawn Season Pass and bonuses from the Season Pass
  • Season of Dawn Seal and Savior title
  • Incomplete items in the Season of Dawn collections badge will turn invisible
  • Emblems and Shader Quests/items from the Season of Dawn
  • Lore - "Constellations"
  • The Lantern of Osiris seasonal artifact
  • Player power increase from The Lantern of Osiris
  • Polarized Fractaline
  • Obelisk Bounties
  • Timelost Weapon Bounties
  • Timelost Friends consumable
  • Fractaline Skimmer consumable
  • Light-Fused Fractaline
  • The Sundial Arena
  • The Sundial Spire
  • Destination Obelisks
  • Tower Obelisk
  • Quests from Osiris
  • Quests from Saint-14 (The Bastion Quest will still be available)
  • Saint-14 bounties
  • Devil's Ruin exotic quest (Devil's Ruin will be available again in a future season)
  • Season of Dawn artifact mods
  • Season 9 Triumphs

Credit: Gamerant