Let’s get to it. Squads are what you’d call Destiny 2 aficionados. In our opinion, D2 remains the uncontested king of shlooters. Sure, there have been challengers. But you come at the Boss, you best not miss. And in our opinion they all did. So, Destiny 2. We love playing it, watching it, reading about it, thinking about it, and, relevant to this moment, putting those thoughts to words.

Why another Destiny 2 page? Why now? Well, to us is seems like a lot of the bigger D2 sites are focusing on the same stuff: what’s new, what’s next and ‘how-to-get-this/beat-that’ guides. We dig all that stuff, but we also think there’s room for something a bit different.

So, thoughts into actions. We hope to build a site and a community that celebrates everyone’s, yours and ours, favorite things about Destiny 2. Not just the latest and greatest seasonal updates, but the small, cool, cogs-in-the-wheel that keep the entire machine running. These pieces still need to be relevant - we’re not bungie jumping into ancient lore (unless you want us to) - but beyond that our mission is to shine a light on the Destiny 2 side dishes, the fixings that hopefully someone, somewhere will see and think, “Somebody gets me!”