Wrathborn Hunts are tracking and hunting events in Destiny 2. Charged Cryptolith Lures are placed throughout the galaxy to summon Wrathborn Targets. When summoned, opponents will drop and be surrounded by smaller mobs. When killed, these smaller opponents drop pools of miasma. Miasma allows you to deal extra damage to the Wrathborn enemy until they flee.

When the Wrathborn target flees, you’ll need to track them by following the puddles of green blood they leave behind. At the end of the trail will be a mission flag, which you can activate to start a Hunt activity. During this phase, you will repeat the process for the wounded Wrathborn target before a far bigger and more deadly enemy intervenes. To kill this enemy, you need to find the named enemy in the immediate vicinity and spawn another miasma pool. When standing in this pool, you can shoot the new enemy and remove its shield. Once you’ve vanquished this worthy opponent, you’ll be rewarded with the items you chose as prizes in your Cryptolith Lure.

How to upgrade the Cryptolith Lure

The Cryptolith Lure also has a series of upgrades that reside at the top of its user interface. These mods are intrinsically linked to your reputation rank with Crow. There are unlocks for ranks 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. These rewards can increase the total number of Powerful Engrams rewarded on a weekly basis, increase Recon Data from Wrathborn Hunts, and can even upgrade Crow’s weekly Powerful Engram Bounty into a Pinnacle Engram Bounty. This makes them worth investing in as early as possible.