Beyond Light has brought us one of the more mysterious characters in recent times, but who exactly is Shaw Han?

Shaw Han is a brand spanking new character in the Destiny Universe. He is part of a new system that makes life for brand new Guardians a hell of a lot easier, but who is he? Well, let’s look at what we know, what Bungie has announced, and what first impressions are.

As we all know, following Destiny 2’s storyline is a struggle at the best of times, mainly due to how much sheer content is in the game, and the lack of clear direction when there’s a new priority every single day, but also due to the game never actually being particularly clear about the lore, and where you need to venture off to next.

Normally new Guardians stepping into Destiny 2 would head straight out into the wilderness, stumble upon a ship, and then head over to the Tower, but with Beyond Light, Shaw Han has changed that.

Now when new players start up a game in Destiny 2 they’ll be greeted by Shaw Han, a Guardian who is out with his Fireteam looking into what the Hive are doing in the Cosmodrome. Which makes the into sequence for new Guardians a much more interesting experience that will really get them hooked.

In the original game, players would be stuck listening to their Ghost, voiced by Peter Dinklage, and running through a selection of short missions in order to get the starting ship. Now though, Shaw Han is the guide whose duty is to get new players safely to where they need to be to be able to fight against the Darkness.

Many people believed that Shaw Han was in fact Prince Uldren, though since launch this has turned out to be false, but it would have made sense since Guardians lose their memories when they awaken from death.

Shaw Han is also the new vendor in the Cosmodrome, dealing in various bounties for Guardians to complete, of which you can see and get yours done for you here.