Years of potential content leaked for Apex Legends

A leak on Reddit gives a possible view of Apex Legends’ future

Years of potential content leaked for Apex Legends

It’s a relatively common occurrence for games to have parts of future releases leak out before they’re ready to announce, and it’s part of the job that developers have come to expect to deal with. But that doesn’t mean these leaks can’t still surprise you - either in the content of the leak, or the size. Years worth of content for Apex Legends, including new Legends, new maps, new cosmetics and new weapons have been potentially leaked, all alongside test gameplay footage of this new content in action. It’s quite the exciting discovery, but it’s important to keep in mind that how things look in the leak might not be how they appear in the game, if at all. The developers are seeing the same leaks as we are after all, and might just decide to use this as an opportunity to gauge audience reaction and tweak, add, or discard things accordingly.

Drop-Off, one of the leaked Arena maps

The leak contained 6 potential new maps. 5 of these new maps are for the Arena mode. In a video that was included in the leak, the leaker played through a short game through the maps,  Drop-Off, a map left unnamed in the video, Centrifuge, Frosted, and Monument. In a separate video they played through the 6th map, Divided Moon. Many of these maps are still deep in the design process, and would most likely go through a number of changes before they would see release into the game. However, the map Drop-Off is a notable exception, as the map looked practically game ready, so it might be making its debut sooner than we think.

One of the largest things the leak revealed was a total of nine unreleased legends. In addition to their names, classes, and some concept art, their current move sets have also been leaked. While the move sets are most certainly subject to change, taking a look at them might give the community an idea of the personality and style of each legend.

Conduit is shaping up to be a powerful shield healer whose shield regens based on nearby allies, with an ultimate that can take down enemy shields and heal their own. Scryer is all about controlling vision, knowing what your enemy sees, and then limiting it. Newcastle is an upcoming legend with a lot of speculation about his lore, but one thing’s for sure, his abilities should make him shape up to be a defensive powerhouse, protecting downed teammates with a mobile shield and setting up a stronghold around an ally as an ultimate. Uplink seems to be a legend that manipulates the use of satellites to heal, revive, and even temporarily prevent death. Vantage looks like the ultimate sniper, with an ultimate that gets her an incredibly powerful rifle, and the ability to launch a quick escape to their companion, Echo. Catalyst is a builder and reinforcer, strengthening doors, making bridges and launching off of self made towers. Phantom is a mobile problem avoider, with a double jump and hook shot to move around, and an ultimate void grenade to temporarily remove legends from play when things get dicey. Jester is a chaotic trapster, turning grenades into mines, setting up dummy drop pods, and even hiding players' location for a short time. Last but not least is Caliber, a 3 gun wielding, turret setting, ammo dispensing support. Guns might not scream support, but let’s hear you tell them that.

Newcastle, a leaked Legend whose identity is under speculation

With so much in the works for Apex, it’s hard not to get excited for the future of the game, no matter what changes will be made after this leak. If hearing all this news has gotten you excited too, why not play with Carrysquad and get ready for all that’s to come?